We encourage you to prayerfully consider starting or being involved in a group for regular encouragement and fellowship in living radiantly in Christ!

As you consider starting a discipleship group, know that it can be a powerful time of seeking the Lord with others who desire to know, love, and obey Him more. Listed below are some suggestions for you as you look to the Lord for His will for your group!

Before you start

Pray about and decide:

  • The purpose and approach of your group – fellowship and growth with young women your age, discipleship of younger girls, a mother/daughter study.
  • What ages of young women for whom it will be.
  • What size group/how many you will invite – decide if you want it to be a small, intimate group, or a larger scale gathering.
  • Who you will invite (it is helpful to decide ahead of time if you will be able/feel it is right to accept others who ask to be part of the group).
  • The schedule and approach that you will take at each gathering.
  • What material you will use (Materials are available for free on the LTLM website – www.lovingthelordministries.org – under the “Beautiful to God Online Conference” section).
  • How often you will meet – once a week, every other week, etc.
  • How many weeks you will meet for – We suggest having everyone commit to the # of times it will take to complete one study. People often feel more able to commit to a specific time frame vs. an indefinite one.
  • Where you will meet – Homes provide a warmer and more personal aspect, while church buildings, etc. can be easier and less distracting.

Start up:

  • Invite the people the Lord has lain on your heart – we suggest sending out an invitation via post mail or e-mail!
  • Give them as many details as you can up front.
  • What the groups purpose is, what the material is about, who it is for, dates, schedule, commitments involved, cost (this will depend upon if this is a church/personal ministry outreach or a group for girls, in which you need financial assistance to cover costs. It will also be determined by if you are doing crafts, providing snacks.), etc.
  • Have them RSVP by a certain date so that you know how to plan.
  • Purchase supplies needed. Suggested supplies: – binders – notepaper -pens (It can be fun to make it special by buying gel pens, etc.)
  • Optional – Send them a letter of acceptance/excitement. Give them a list of what to bring. Let them know how excited you are that they can be a part of the group!

Preparation for each meeting:

  • Ask the Lord for His wisdom, words, and direction for the lesson and meeting.
  • Review the lesson (It may be helpful to watch the session beforehand, as well).
  • Write out your personal thoughts, testimonies, etc.
  • Plan out the meeting overview and schedule.


  • Prepare craft project (Making a sample ahead of time is so helpful! This way the group can see what it is supposed to look like and you know how to better explain how to do it!)
  • Snack or contact person bringing snack to confirm they are planning to bring it.

When You Meet

First meeting:

  • Make everyone feel really welcome and treasured.
  • Get to know you games/activities

For the group:

  • You can assign each girl a prayer partner.

Suggested schedule:

(You can flex this however you desire! It is just an outline that may be helpful.)
10:00 a.m Welcome everyone, get-to-know-you games or singing
10:15 a.m Introduce material and watch video session
11:00 a.m Discuss the session, look up the Bible verses, share testimonies about the topic, pray
11:30 a.m Do a craft to go with what you are studying
12:00 p.m Share a special snack and fellowship
12:30 p.m Conclude

Optional things:

  • Crafts – These can be special times to tie in the message with a project and to allow the girls to feel free to visit! You can decide if this is something the Lord desires for you to do. It is a question of time, finances, and interest.
  • Snacks – These are optional, as well. It seems like it makes the times more cozy, special, and gives the girls time to talk. You could have each girl sign up to bring snacks to one of the meetings.
  • Assignments – These are designed to bring the message home and help the girls apply it to their lives. You can use your discernment on what is best for your group/what time allows/what commitment is available.


  • Pray for the girls in your group
  • Write notes of encouragement
  • Be sensitive to girls who may need extra care, love, or encouragement


  • At the end of the set weeks of study, you can decide if the Lord would have you continue, or not.

May the Lord richly bless you as you seek to know, love, and follow Him – and encourage others to do the same!

“But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.” 1 Corinthians 2:9

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